Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Latest Gig

The last 2 days I have been hanging around with 13 old men.
Older men.
I got to be the sole "estrogen factor" at our friend Gord Askey's CD release parties in both Kimberley and Invermere. Last night Gord and his wife Lynn had set up their 5th wheel beside the concert hall in Invermere.

We spent the Saturday in Invermere before the concert with Steve, Leanne, Shawna, Meg and Jasmine at a condo unit in Radium that Gord had booked for us. We went swimming and hung out nibbling on appetizers and sipping Port. Finn had a hoot playing hide-and-seek with Meg and Jasmine: while Wrenny, still sick and snuffly had a 3 hour nap in one of the 3 bedrooms. Once the concert started rolling at 8pm, all went tickety boo. Finn and Wrenny stayed in the 5th wheel with Shawna's daughter Meg and Steve's daughter Jasmine during the concert. Except for my zany yet prevalent nervous Mama tendencies, all went very well. The scotch helped. I realized again last night, why it is I am not good at performing live music and being a breastfeeding mother. It is just damn stressful. I don't relax well and always feel torn.

After the concert, the band went from a bluegrass to an electric country swing set, and we danced a little later into the night. This morning we all had platefuls of pancakes, ham with mustard, eggbake and strong coffee cooked on a woodfire stove at Gord and Lynn's.
A lovely weekend indeed.

Steve, Gord, me, and John Cronin (played with Ian Tyson for 7 years!)

Myron (played with Ian Tyson for 10 years!), Fred Milette Gord, Kevin

Our Steve Jones inhis bluegrassin' element

Breakfast at the Askey's


Mrs.Q said...

Wow - that looks like TOO much fun! I bet it was fantastic...and you sure made them all look great.

Shari Schwarz said...

you go, girl!

lil said...

Hey Anie,
I checked out your blog from the link on Aaron and Robyn's! We had Aaron in our school in Cranny when we lived there! I also went to Shari Schwarz's blog from yours, and wanted to comment on hers, but I guess I can't. Can you tell her to check my blog at:, so we can connect thru letters, since we live in Colorado, too?
Does she have to know my email so I can comment? Just wondering!! Lil Goodwin