Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finn and Mike begin to Jam...

a little time of music making...we hope this will go on and on and on into our future as parents, grandparents etc.

Boxing Day and beyond

We spent 2 nights Dec 26-28, in our friend Mike's "Wildwood Cabin" in Mayook..with Nana!
Here's what went on..


Our Bass PLayer and Daughter came out to see us for some tunes...

The Cabin Next Door "eagles Nest" also one of our friend Mike's Projects..

Froehliche Weinachten-Christmas Afternoon!


FInn got a blue guitar from awesome hand-me-down!!!

Wrenny's new bumblebee backpack...

finn and Skye wait for their turn to make Gingerbread stuff

Mama and Wren making Gingerbread dough

MERRY CHRISTMAS-Christmas morn

A little Christmas Morning Caroling

Stokin the fire for Christmas Morn

Wrenny waits fro the Stocking Distribution to begin...

FInn's Doll "peter"

Wrenny's Dolly "Suzie"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crafting at Christmas

A few things we are working on these days..present for Kai and Tomi-a wood block puzzle.

Finn REAAALLY wanted to have a picture with the puzzle..

Potatoe Stamping began at 7:50 this morning.

At 8:04 am the clean up began-short lived BUT very fun.

We moved the drawing room into the living room in the last days as it was getting TOO cold to draw in the kitchen...

next time: a pic of what we were potato stamping for...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Advent, Advent, ein lichtlein Brennt.."

Here are a few pics of our nightly routine. We try to sing a few Christmas Carols with the kids each night around the kitchen table Advent wreath. yesterday ended smashingly well with a grand finale family parade- singing "Deck the Halls"-(with instruments!) all the way from the Kitchen to the sudsy bathtub-all 10 steps...Very fun!!! Who gets to have this much fun, I ask you. I am so freaking lucky.
Soon the Gingerbread men will be coming out-and their to follow

I have to say-I LOVE this time of year..and am so thankful for the two kids whom I get to show all these crazy Schwarz traditions!
I feel like the Wonder is all coming back.
Glitter and Sparkles abound.
Bring on the Halos, peppermint everything and chocolate before Breakfast.
Wow, I am an easy convert!
Mike is so great at getting into all this stuff too, although his does put his foot down on Herring Salad on Christmas Eve.
spoil sport.

Also the updated version of the dolls which the kids have now named.

Soosie (prounounced "SSSoo-SSee" -Wrenny says it is NOT Suzie) and Peter (pronounced the regular way)

Finn and Peter

Wren and Soosie

Wrenny insisted Soosie has a "bum" I dont know what the future holds for us Hephers!

2 candles now!

Our Christmas Pyramid from Opa and Omi

Saturday, December 06, 2008

December creeps on in

The deal is: we let our kids dress themselves-except for VERY VERY important days (what ARE those hmmm-arent they all the very same important!!) Anyways-here is a little capture of Wren's backward pants preference and her way of stealing Finn's brand new Christmas socks and other items on any given day...

The other morning I was busy sewing (I will send pictures of my new sewing headquarters soon), and Finn called me into the kitchen. He showed me what he made with Lego. I was duly impressed!

We have a couple of lovely little girls that come over two times a week that we babysit-here the kids are making a placemat freeway. Ahh-the joys of the creative mind unleashed. Hurrah for Childhood says I once again!
This last night, in German Tradition, "Nikolaus" comes to fill the boots with small toys, nuts, chocolate and oranges of the Earth's "Good Kids"-lumps of coal for the scallyways!
My kids were delighted to be included in this Ominous First Category.
However, Finn thought for sure Nikolaus had NOT come this morning when he first woke-because Nikolaus had not stopped to talk to Finn. He cried about it until we showed him that Nikolaus had left him a little stuffed toy "Wall-E" (Mama and Baba's shocking Disney Purchase-what is next I say!!!Yikes.)
My Standards are slippin'- nothing organic or green about this purchase.
oh well, cant beat em all...

Wrenny is delighted at such a find in her fave heart boots!!