Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Camera on the Block

Nana's here for the weekend and has been taking oodles of photos on NEW digi cam.
Here are a few shots fro your perusal

Finn and Baba watching Hockey night in canada..Finn's cheeks chapping from cold..poor fella!

A study of Cat in Pink Bag (or: Maus takes over Nan's weekend luggage)

Me and my little smilin' bird!

Wrenny and her Nana
Laughing girl.


Erin said...

Is she ever adorable. You better bring her to Lethbridge for Easter so some of the rest of us can have a grin in person too!

Shari Schwarz said...

What great pics! The first one of Finn (with Mike)--Finn looks so much like you in your baby pics. Oh, I miss little Wrenny and her smiles!

aaron & robyn & paige said...

Is that a CF stand for Finn?