Friday, January 19, 2007

Please Come to Denver in the Winter...

Finn's lookout at the Spokane airport
Wrenny's sleeping quarters..
in the guest room closet in our roomy suitcase
(don't worry-the lid is tied up so it won't close on her!)

We have arrived safe and sound.
Happy even.
Kids travelled exceptionallly (with 3 'l's -for emphasis) well for the 12 hours we were enroute.
We were duly delighted! Today we relaxed -since 3 of the four of us are fighting was well needed and wanted. Its so good to be here in not-so-warm Colorado, with in the cozy walls of Family.


Mrs.Q said...

They already look like such a pair of seasoned travellers! Enjoy the visit.

Erin said...

But did you bring Finn's hockey stick to go with the skates?

Anie said... skates in sight..alot of cowboy paraphenalia though in this part of the world..hmmm