Monday, January 22, 2007

Last Day in Wellington

The unique eating combinations of my brother..pictured here: beer and cheerios
(he says they are all grains...)
Visiting the horses..Finn and Zach
Cousin sandwich (Zach, Finn and Evan)
Finn's new coat (a second hand find at the local thrift store in Ft Collins..$4!!)

Today included a lovely lunch at the "Chocolate Rose" in Wellington (pop. 3500) with my awesome sister-in-law! Christian and Mike took all the kids to a little farm and a walk as today was the first day in a long time where the temp was at alomost 0c for a time. It has been a while since the kids got a good romp outside.

Mike and I also got to go out for a dinner at the local Mexican restaurant tonight, while the kids stayed with Uncle and Auntie. So we are feeling pretty spoiled!! Another very cool event today was WRENNY LAUGHED for the first time! Really chuckled..over and over as Mike was tickling and kissing her. We were delighted! This coincided with Evan making his first real deposit in the toilet. A very eventful day indeed in the land of childrearing!!!!HA.

Finn has LOVED hanging out with his cousins and wakes up asking for the boys by name from his crib. He will be so sad to leave these buddies behind. He's not the only one!

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Mrs.Q said...

What a lovely adventure for all of you....can't wait to hear Wrenny's new laugh!