Saturday, January 06, 2007

Early in the year

A few shots from the last days...

The day we returned from Lethbridge, we went to a potluck dinner at the houseof one of our musical friends:Beth. "Uncle Steve"-my bass player, did dinner duty, and held Wrenny while I scarfed down supper. we have a similar picture of him holding Finn..had to post this one!

NEw Year's eve we did a very brief version of a fondue. The night included one very spirited toddler, one tired baby, 2 befuzzled parents, a ceramic fondue pot cracking over the blue flame, tears, bad words, and one ceramic pot in the snow. We did manage to put the then-melted cheese into another fondue pot (the cheap thrift store variety) and enjoyed the night with wine and well, if nothing else..a memory of a bumbly, funny crazy year!

Wrenny is a girl transformed.
She is all about the jolly jumper-just as her big brother was. can't wait to string her jumper up in the trees, in the van, at the cabin etc. like we did with Finn. Where did 2 years just go? Actually-where did our newborn baby just go??


Owen's Mama said...

I can't beleive Wren is so big already!

Mrs.Q said...

I wish they made Jolly Jumpers for big people!