Monday, January 08, 2007


We went for a walk around the block this afternoon. Finn on foot, wrenny in her carseat on a wooden toboggan. It took 25 minutes. One block. Not kidding. Finn found that he needed to do alot of snow sampling. When we got home, he was pretty much soaked. And although I was just going to change his clothes, he seemed to have another idea.
Clever little feller.


Mrs.Q said...

Smart lad! Now can you teach him how to do the rest of the laundry?

Shari Schwarz said...

Too cute! And yes, I believe it took 25 minutes...actually, I was going to say, that's not bad. :) Totally know what ya mean.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Who says you need piles of toys to keep a boy interested?
Love you all,