Monday, May 28, 2007

Rainy Monday Morning

It's raining like vancouver the last 48 hours. So while Wrenny naps, I pulled out an old bucket of spelt kernels and Finn is pretty much lost in his own bubble of containers and scoops. I, on the other hand need to get started on some laundrey and floors and ....procratinating by blogging!

Friday, May 25, 2007

May long in Lethbridge-Happy Bday Queen Vicky

We celebrated the late queen in family bliss:

Three (consecutive) sleep-in mornings (as Nana volunteered to take Wrenny for her daily 6:30am constitutional) and hanging out with the Lethbridge Fam for a few relaxing days. Eating, swimming, lounging in the park, eating excellent food...hmmmm. ahhhhh.
Some might contend with my choice of the adjective "relaxing" when, at times, the weekend included 5 adults and 3 small children in a 1500 sqft premise, but I would heartily disagee!
We also had a little visit with Pops and Joanne as they came through Cranbrook enroute the cabin...while Finn romped around in stellar form-performing his best version of the past-bedtime crazies!! All, including Wrenny, were duly entertained.

Here are pics of the last days.

She sits like a pro!

Before bedtime movie with Finn and cousin Skye

Uncle Robby. Uncle Cool.

Nana's home is transformed by a layer of trucks and blocks, pillows and crumbs.
Incredibly, she does not seem to mind!

A few pics of the Ladies in the morning.

Finn-the toddler.

The breakfast Club....

....followed later by the Supper Club-here with the Thiessen Hepher Fam.

After the bath-this is a quintissential Wrenny Grin.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


what's not to love about a kid in these fetching threads?

And speaking of over-all: my sis in law's blog informs me that you can save ALL your blog entries in book form for the sake of posterity.
how very awesome!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Sad May Day

Today marks the one year anniversary of my friend Doug's death in a tragic mining accident.
I miss him so often and so hard.
Tonight, we are all heading out to his property (where mike and I got married) and we celebrate the First Annual "Doogie Boogie" to remember a fella who knew how to live and love with grace and ease and laughter.
I raise my glass to you Doug.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

End of an era

This mothers day will go down with a few top stories including:

-sleeping in till 615am
-top of the morning with a poem and chocolate from hubsy on the kitchen table
-Finn and I walking home from church in the rain-him in all the puddles-all the way!!
-a band practice with my beloved Crows where I finally broke the news that I would be leaving the band-as it has become too much for me with this present adventure of child-formation to keep on in a "workin' band"!
Thats apretty big deal after some 15 years.

Now bathed and sleepy, decked in mismatched but cozy pajamas,
i feel a deep satisfaction in letting go.
The familiar is going to be a very rich and rewarding and lively memory.

Now the road takes a small turn and I await the creative pursuits that lie ahead.
For now-
its a whole lot of early morning walks with a smiling baldy perched on my back-drinking the world in with 7 month old eyes,
and the chatter of a boy who loves a laugh and goldfish cracker who loses himself in the Sandbox World every wakingday.
And its rediscovering a more complex connection to the man who saw enough in me to say-I Do.

Onward ho.
here's to the great (and daily) unknown.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Eve

I am thinking of the women in my life that have mothered me.
besides the obvious. (Whom i will miss this day the most.)

my other mothers:
My sister Irene, who has always watched over me-as little mother
My Tante Ernel-who always prays for me and keeps my Mama's memory fresh,
My Auntie Dale Ann-who keeps the love of life and simplicity of Joy current in my days,
My Momo-who has never rushed in, but has always let love unfold itself in the mildest and yet fullest, richest way.

Thank you.

for looking after my heart when it needs tending,
for listening to my stories, because I do so need to tell them!
and for believing that i could indeed become a mother myself-
an incredible gift, at which I am still bewildered and beguiled!

We had a party to celebrate on the eve of.
Complete with chocolate, Gin and yes, several more good, nay GREAT mothers.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

pics o' kids

Not that our kids have changed significantly over the last days...but a few pics of them anyways, becuase they're just so darn cute on a daily basis!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yesterday was Jenny's bday and we had a pizza party.
We had Jenny and her 2 kids and our 2 and our friends Nichole and Ken with their 2 our 1000 square feet were maxed. After supper we sent them out to the sandbox and they returned only when the sun was fading.

Note: jolly faced baby: Baby Jack, now 4.5 months!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our buddy Paige

..came over for the day as her parents were moving to a new house!!
We had a whale of a time, except for Wrenny..where it was more of a Wail: she is sick and crabby and busted out a new tooth yeaterday...

Last Weekend in April

Nana visited us this weekend.
We did all the things that Nana and her grandkids and son and DIL do best:
the Park, The Pool, The Restaurant Lunch Out, A long leisurely trip to the Mall (by Mike and I) and best of all: The Sleep-In!!
We miss you Nana!