Thursday, January 04, 2007

Girl Outing and kitchen table reform

Wrenny and I went on one of our very first "Just the girls" outings while Finn napped.

She in backpack and me in my Sorels, slogging throught the slushy snow.
Only to the post office.
She's so light I sometimes think I have forgotten her...kind of like a suspiciously light guitar case on the way to a gig. She so quiet...or maybe too-dressed is a better way of saying it. Couldn't hear her much through her scarf and snowsuit etc. even if I really tried.

Anyways, the sky is perfect.
Blue and freshly washed..after a good cry of rain and snow yesterday. Its starting up new: putting on a happy face and moving forward till the next clouds take its brilliance for a meloncholy twist. We breathed it all in really deeply. Fleetingly euphoric and glorious skies need to be celebrated. So we came back and had a big blue mug of hot green tea and 2 ginger now, Wrenny will have them later.

And now, i have done some clearing up in the kitchen..gone through the "returning home from Christmas" clutter and am pleased with the results. Amazing what a sense of accomplishment a person can get from an emptied kitchen table! but hey, i'll take what I can get to feeling successful at the end of a day.

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