Saturday, October 20, 2007

a poem by my hubby

Mike wrote this last year right before Wren entered the world..I love it. wanted to pull it out for this season..

Peace to the season,
To the dying rays of the sun
To the valleys
Hidden, lost, and found.

Peace to the forests
To the leaves
To the trees
Sleeping, naked and unashamed

Peace to the neighbours
To the raking
To the woodcutting
Stacking, hauling and shoring up

Peace to the house
To the woodstove
To the beds
Tucking, cozy and warm

Peace to the Autumn
To the colours
To the air
Slumbering, reddish and cool.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wren's bday weekend and all things Thanksgiving

What a full weekend we had!
Irene and Nana came on friday night; Saturday Papa and Annemarie came.
On Sunday Pops, JoAnn, Rob Rin and Skye, Grandad and GrAnne all came...and then all trickled home on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. The house was full at all times with hot food, kids shrieking, dishing being washed and put away, conversations in the kitchen, backyard and living room, and tantrums on and off by finn and me! HA. It was so great to see everyone-we sure enjoyed having you all!!
Here are a few pics of the weekend.

Finn and Baba work hard on finishing the brick walkway-which, by the way, looks FANTASTIC!

Omi and Finn read Thomas the Tank Engine Stories before bed

Our babes get dedicated at Church-very meaningful for us..
Three generations of Hepher boys

JoAnn and Me and Wren at Wrenny's cake party on sunday Afternoon

The Birthday Girl in the sunshine

cute at every angle!
After all the rellies left-we hired a sitter and worked on our guest cabin-me as roofer!! I needed to pound some nails..its been too long. (I also got to use the drill to fix the gate and found great satisfaction in the completion of a project using a power drill...what is not to love!)

Van and Wren

Finn and Rosie in the Laundrey hamper

Rosie as "the gift"

Mike posing with extremely valuable mandolin,,,um, yup, a loaner!

Sunday's birthday celebrations-Wrenny with her Lemon Cake

Saturdays Thanksgivng Bird with friends and Family...Papa and Annemarie, Irene, Nana, Sheryl, Wendy and Van, The Reimers and all of us Hephers too! Little house seemed little.