Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Zamboni Day

We had a day with Kate..and what fun we had!
Jen dropped Kate off at our Mother Goose Singing group.
We 4 were the group today. No one else showed up, but the kids had a hoot and I relaxed because it was four walls of unobstructed running space for the 2 year olds and a wonderful facilitator who enjoys little ones!

We walked from there with Kate and Finn in the stroller and Wrenny in the backpack to the library and then to the community skating rink to watch the Zamboni clean the ice and then to see Mike skate at his lunch hour hockey league. Kate mentioned she wanted to "be hockey" when she grew up. Finn wanted to "drive the Zamboni" when he grew up.

The trip up the hill home was a bit of a puff. As I have been tracking my steps with handy pedometer,I am amazed how any kms I am actually putting on a day. Yesterday I topped out at over 9kms!
It's so good to be outside and breathing in the almost Spring air and enjoy the chatter of 2 kids in their own world and a baby who is starting to get so chatty and chuckly.
Tomorrow it's March.
Brave out dear Crocus!

Finn's Birthday Boogie

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Here's a glimpse of our motion!

Wrenny kicks about-a video attempt

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finn's Birthday

I've been up since 5:30am.
Wrenny was hungry. But as she easily dozed off, I was kept awake by thoughts of the events of this day some 2 years ago....
Early morning having tea and contactions with Mike and our midwives as the sun rose and our excitement grew at our baby's iminent arrival..a drive the hospital, a surprised c-section, Nana arriving at the hospital before Finn and the great relief when my firstborn son lay wrapped and ruddy, exausted we, in my arms. Those first days of complete overwhelming and exhaustion, Nana's caretaking, visits by Pops and then Irene, Monika and Richard, Papa and Annemarie and Shari. Can it be that a helpless bundle of arms, legs, bald head and healthy cry could turn into this robust, spirited, witty, chatty and beautiful sunshine of a boy I get to love and take care of!

We celebrated Finn's birthday in a big kids room at our church.
Finn and Nana and Mike went to Walmart to get photos taken in Finn's "birday" shirt while Wrenny amd I went to the church to set up a little. Wrenny slept in the nursery and was ready to party when the first guests arrived.

So here are a few shots of the party.
Complete wih teddybear cake, musical pillows and dance, crafts and kids unsure about such activities!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday Sausage Roast in Hidden Valley

Our fine friends Tim and Amy Wilson Came to visit for the weekend. What smashing good fun we seen by Tim's eye..

Into the Laundrey basket...

what could be more fun?
all manners of shirts, capes (towels) and of course; leggings.
What can I say but: our boy knows how to entertain himself when skies are grey.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A pretty quiet week around here.

We are down to Mike and Wrenny with Current Cold Conditions (The CCC).

I was feeling abit crazy-like in terms of being housebound, and so took the kids out for a walk to a local coffe joint. Finn in the 'boggan' and Wren on my back in the pack. The snow came down pretty good and Wrenny got a fine facewash..but no complaints. I think she was happy to be out as well. Finn and I enjoyed a treat (mine in the form of a pretty excellent double-shot mocha), and then we turned back so we could still make it for church. Left Wrenny to sleep in the laundry room in the backpack, face skyward, cheeks- wet and rosy. Finn and I headed to church.
Mike and Wrenny slept.

And now on this grey afternoon, I am about to make popcorn and tuck in for a quiet night.
We are taking things pretty easy these days. Sleep has been hard to get all week as Wrenny is coughing lots between 10pm-12am and 4-6 am and so we split the time and stay up with her. Finn had to go to the emergency on Thursday at 2am because, we figured after some hours of miserable crying and his stating that "ear hurt" we should bring him in.
Turns out: whopping ear infection.
He loves his "pink med'cin".
so he is on the mend, but Wrenny...bit of a fusspot.
oh well. so it goes.
it makes for some in-house fun.
Finn and I have been dancing quite a bit...and we made pies and painted crafts.
This week Mike and I will be performing with Cara Luft.
Its been awhile since we played music together, both of us are looking forward to it.
will report on that later.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sleepy Head

After missing his nap yesterday afternoon, Finn disappeared into his room for some quiet time at about 4:45pm. I sat in the living room enjoying the silence of the house as the babe was asleep.
After 10 minutes I realized it was too quiet.
I poked my head in Finn's room and found him thus.
Ah, the exhaustion of a recovering sick kid!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lethbridge Shots

I just got these pics from Nana.
They were taken at Christmas..I love 'em!!

Auntie Rin and baby Wren

The Thiessen Hepher family..Robin, Rin and Skye

On the wrong side of Grace

another day the life of a Hepher kidlet!

It was a great idea.
Get out of the house, go for a ride, kids get some scenery. I get some time with the radio on and hands free parenting (well, if you take away the steering wheel aspect!)
We drove to neighbouring Kimberley to the kids consignment store to find Finn some hockey skates. Our friends Jen, Kate and Jack came too. Now it was time for a treat. so we headed to the local coffee shop and ordered lunch, trying our best to keep the 2 year olds in line and in view and playing with toys ina decent "restaurant rules" sort of way.
Enter waiter guy.
Not keen on us.
Actually make that not keen on our kids.
He was quite open with his NOT saying it (stares and mutters) that he wished us gone.
This was my first fun outing in quite a number of sick days and here we were gobbling our food and mochas down and feeling judged and somehow guilty all the while.
trying to be quick about it all as to leave him and his store intact of the brashness, freshness and whirlwind that is childhood.

Pretty mad was I on the way home.
How dare he. How rude!
Must not have kids.
expletive here and there in my head (have 2 year old, must be always careful what comes out of my mouth these days-else it is used by Finn on his bunny bear).

And then I got to thinking about how quick I am to judge.
I still constantly judge other mothers, other women of all vocations..all people really.
It has been a long time since I felt this judged. And I suppose it has been a poignant reminder to me. That I wish to be of the tribe of the "uncast stone". That those judgements are not mine to deliver or consider.
And well... the food was good.
and we did find skates.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ladies and Gents...we have a cold.

There has been snuffling, wiping, drippling, choking, coughing, moaning and smearing going on. And that's just Finn.
Until yesterday.
Now we have 2 kids with miserableness.
Finn has tried to remain chipper..with a very chapped little snot-runner..Wrenny, well, she is not too happy. After a full day of coping with a very demanding almost 2 year old "no-monster" yesterday, I have given in to "fake parenting" and provided a movie before naptime.
And a movie after naptime.
I told two other moms this on the phone today.
They said "that's what sick days are for".
I agree. I listen to the voices of my esteemed collueges.
And so, I have become the woman with the clicker.
And I for one, can live with that.
For a day, anyways.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Camera on the Block

Nana's here for the weekend and has been taking oodles of photos on NEW digi cam.
Here are a few shots fro your perusal

Finn and Baba watching Hockey night in canada..Finn's cheeks chapping from cold..poor fella!

A study of Cat in Pink Bag (or: Maus takes over Nan's weekend luggage)

Me and my little smilin' bird!

Wrenny and her Nana
Laughing girl.