Monday, August 28, 2006

Our Renos

We have decided this would be the best time to start ripping out lathe and plaster and re-drywall and, what the heck, refinishing the hardwood floor! I say "we" very loosly. That is not to say that i am not in favour of such a venture..a contraire, i just mean Mike and a guy named Piet have done most of the work...along with some kind-hearted, sypathetic friends and I have left town or at least the house, while they do!

The lathe and plaster came out a few days before our holidays in the pantry and bedroom. The drywall went up via a wonderful timely and efficient drywaller named windows to follow. we also put in a door to the bedroom that will go to a small deck right between the pantry and catch the evening sunset. Mike apinted the pantry "a touch of curry" and the bedroom two shades of "avacado"..looks soo good!

He is now starting to work on stripping the lino glue that is on the hardwood floor in both these rooms. A dusty job.

Needless to say, I am NOT spending my days cleaning, and will await such chores when the fine sand has settled nicely over all our wordly possesions. I will then phone a few friends who arent afraid to clean and then we will get the job done right! I suspect I will be only a couple of weeks or days from my due date, and helping hands will not be too hard to locate!

So, Finn and I hang out...away from the boxes and clutter, if possible, and make up new games and visit friends, and enjoy these last summer days with relish. I feel very tired very often, but thems the breaks. I suppose! This is a busy little baby on the inside, not to mention the little crazy oat on the outside!

The other pics are of the kittens, now free to roam in the laundrey room and yard...they will be given to their prospective, respective homes in 3-4 weeks.

Our Finn is 18 months old now...and a 70s child for sure!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

returned to cranny after 2 weeks of low stress holidays..complete with
early toddler mornings
coffees by Mike,
trips to town,
a daytrip to nelson,
a skunk incident with Smee,
pregnancy insomnia,
evening under the stars and twinkly lights on the deck
and many afternoons on our private pebble beach
(skinny dipping also).

There was never a shortage of fantastic company...starting with our friends jeff and marcia Wall and their 19 month old Gracie for six wonderful days-lots of good talks, wine and scotch (for them, not me), and stories of the months gone by where we havent seen each other. Mikey and jeff took turns of Mike's scooter, Couchette; volunteering eagerly to pick up small grocery items or anything else that "needed" getting! then my sister and bro in law came for 2 days...was great to reconnect...cousin time and relaxing in the sun. friends from home-Jen and Ross with 2 year old kate came for a sunday afternoon-with swimming and bbq on the agenda, and longtime friend Meme and her clan of 4 came out for the afternoon on tuesday. All in all, I got to read my library books (big overdue fine coming right up!!), had great alone time and together time with people i love and cherish, enjoyed the everyday isms of our 18 month olds antics...a rich and relaxing holidays.

we returned to a house covered in drywall dust and 4 kittens tearing up the laundrey room. more on that later!

Gracie and finn hanging out on the deck

Mike scootering onto the ferry on the way to Nelson.

Kai and Finn
We've been gone for 2 and stories to follow by the end of the weekend!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here are some pics from our last two wonderful days out in Mayook for the 15th Annual mayook Mania.
Bright, blue sky days,cool, clear nights, great friends, music, food, drinks, mostly happy children(!) and a meaningful rememberence for Doug where his gravestone was laid..right beside his brother Wayne. A good closure, but still a really hard reality to live with.
We came home today...content, tired and grateful for such good times on this late, great planet earth...