Sunday, December 31, 2006


Its the new thing at our house.
Finn and wrenny are both fans.
Each have their favourite partners!

The last day of the year

We took Finn and Wrenny out for a winter's walk the nearby outdoor skate rink. Our friends the Hansens met us there with 17 month old buddy Paige. Good to feel so Canadian in these endeavors..all that was missing was a Tim Horton's coffee.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home again

We are home..after 5 full and busy and fun days in Lethbridge.
Below are some pics of the last days. We were able to stay at a friend of Nana's..sort of a housesitting arrangement which was great! Good for naps and getaways.
Finn and Wrenny had a lot of time to see almost all of their Hepher Relatives (except for Grandad and GrAnne)..and Wrenny met Opa and Omi Schwarz for the first time. Auntie Irene who was also in Lethbridge during the holidays came by a few times. Hurray!
We are home...very pooped but happy for the good times gone by.
Mike has fallen asleep in front of the TV..and it is only a little after 9.
He's usually in bed at 1 or 2 am.
that about sums it up!!
hope yours was a wonderful Christmas!

enjoy the pics below.

Boxing Day

Opa and Omi from Calgary, meet Wreeny for the first time. Her first impressions were rather loud and demanding!
Auntie Irene comes to hang out with Finn the Schwarzes all unite in Lethbridge for the day.
Mike and Anie go out for a date on Boxing Day..Finn and Nana do the bathtime/bed routine.
Nana's newest outfit for Wrenny!

Christmas Day at Nana's

The Grands (Great Auntie Rita and Greatgrandma Sperry-Maureen's Aunt and Mom) digging in to festive victuals)
Spiderman (Skye) and his sidekick (Superboy-or "Soupy"-as said by Finn) solving perplexing puzzles on Nana's floor and beyond.
Finn in Nana's sunglasses: surrounded by cheering rellies!
Robin (as seen with new DVD), And Rin holdin baby Wrenny.
Too cool for school...but not too cool to be the hippest librarian , ever!

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve PJ's back at our Christmas House-the Bolton's
Parum pa pa pum, Finn and his drum (and shaker, rattle, tambourine..)
Pops and the Family hepher
Robin, Rin and Skye on the way to the Christmas Eve service

Monday, December 18, 2006

Too early

the glare of christmas seems i can't sleep past 4 am these days.
This morning I decided I had better just get up and do something to tire me out.
so i am working out here on the computer
sectret christmas things.
in my sorels and bathrobe.
waiting for the light of day
for the salutation of Finn as I enter his room ("hi mama..nuggle? couch?")
for now I am waiting for thie sting to creep into the back of my eyes
so i'll be forced to lie down again
before wrenny wakes up with breakfast demands.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

We have a new baby in our town.
Kate has a little brother and Jenny and Ross are proud and very surprised parents of a certain
October 12th, 2006
11 pm
6lbs 8oz

surprised:not about having a baby.
Surprised about it being a boy baby!
We had Kate over for a sleepover the night he was born.
Yesterday we had brought soup, buns and a big bottle of celebratory Merlot as Jack and Jenny came home. I am so excited to share the two child experience with such awesome friends. Picture of baby Jack to follow soon.

The snow fell all night and Finn and I went out to attack it with shovels this morning. We then came in and were revived by a stack of "cay-cakes" (pancakes). Now our little friend Paige is visiting..they are taking a 30 minute movie break while I blog!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just returned from a weekend in Lethbrigde where Mike was drumming for his brother Robin's band (the darby and joan club: We stayed at Nana's. It was absolutely great! Nana, Wrenny and I went shopping on Saturday. A Girl Afternoon. Finn got to hang out with Skye and they played so well together. I was thrilled. I got to play a bunch of games with them like musical cushions and broom hockey in the backyard. The age gap between them has always been enough so that playing was not really do-able yet. And now Finn just is completely enthralled by his cousin. Although I did not get any pics from the weekend as the camera stayed home) I have some here of the day before we left.

The first one is his best friend Kate being their silly selves.
The next Finn was eating breakfast while I was in the shower. When I returned to check on him, he had added a new ingredient to his cereal! A Milk Duck.
The last one of Wrenny in a shirt from a hippy stand at a music festival from a few years ago.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a picture of my sister Moni and her hubby Richard and son Kai...who is celebrating ONE YEAR next week. WOW where did the time go?!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Advent.

Mike wrote a new melody to "Joy to the world" and it was a part of kevin's serman this morning. Very cool. I still haven't got my advent Calender up. Somehow I think we will be doing a fairly minimalist version of decking the halls of the house this year. Finn and I are listening to "Larry and Bob sing the 70's" (Veggie Tales cd) its keeping us in good spirits as we build a fort in the living room. Wrenny sleeps in heavenly peace.

We just had our friends Jack and Dale Ann for lunch. They brought homemade minestrone and Christmas cookies and we made Paninis in our new Sandwich Press i got a few days ago. Its like a grown-up version of our usual Tomatoe Soup and Grilled Cheese on Sunday lunch. Its like we are getting all Yuppie, as Mike commented.