Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We had a little birthday to go to last night. Finn got all fired up about the kids and had an absolute blast. On the snowy way home in the car, we heard a bad clunk, and Wrenny had an unprecedented scream, and when we got home (after aforementioned thunk was dealt with) Finn was, as to be expected, overtired. We gave him his"nuk" and bath, and, as seen here, a snuggle with Wrenny.
All ended well.
I fell asleep on the futon as the fire roared in the woodstove.

Oh, the small luxuries!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some pics of the last few days..a visit from the "Greats" from Creston, and Auntie Irene who is here from Calgary this weekend. We are so enjoying all our family coming out to meet our new addition.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Our first day in a new stroller. Some friends of ours traded us (for a season or 2) their double stroller for our single. Its pretty deluxe and even comes with an infant sling. We took it out today in the blustery october streets. Wrenny slept while Finn chattered. Its so good to be out again and not confined to the car. yesterday morningFinn and I went out for a breakfact treat. Just the 2 of us. we put on his big winter coat over his PJ's and walked off in the 8 am darkness to our local coffee shop.I really enjoyed having a little time with just him.

otherwise, i have to say this is a pretty great time in my life. I fully enjoy being a Mama. The house may be in a state of ongoing chaos, but the seas are pretty calm inside my heart. As my learn;ed friends back at the Family Center would say..I feel congruent. Things are aligned and balanced. I sleep, I eat , I drink (chocolate milk and red wine too) I laugh with my kids and my pretty awesome hubsy. Most days I am just in awe that life is sweet.

On the flipside, I really missed my friend Doug today. His leaving the planet in May has left a lingering tear in my heart. I have been thinking again how he really was a man who knew how to love well. especially his friends. I thnk this is because he was well loved all through his life. He was the youngest child by quite a few years. I gather that he was a kid who loved to make others laugh. He was cherished by his family. I hear that through the stories of his sister and brother. I hope that I can love my kids that well. So that they have confidence to love others. To make themselves open to what love can offer. All its frailties and triumphs.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yesterday, before Nana's departure, we went to a playgroup at the Anglican church called "Rice Crackers".

A few shots of us all.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nana left today.

Reality with 2 kids is about to set in!
Finn woke up from his nap and said "Nana, go?"
I told him Nana went home to be with Poro. He said "Come?".
He will sure miss her..all those fun stroller walks and shopping and snuggles and stories. She bought him some new "Mr Fixit" pyjamas yesterday which wore over his clothes all day with great pride!
We will miss all the yummy meals and laundry and dishes always being done, not to mention sleeping in. What a luxury!We were so grateful for all her help and support.
It made these last 10 days so much more enjoyable and bearable.

Here are a few recent pics...

-Wrenny's first bath at home..in front of the fireplace.

-Pops with Wrenny when he came to visit this weekend(and helped Mike chop up our winter wood!!!!). So great to share this first week with Family near by. Pops gave Finn all sorts of wagon rides and laughs.

-At Home with Pumpkins...our October Baby!

-Finn's loving affection for Wrenny..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

It has taken me a while to get to blog...for good reason though. The contractions started friday morning-long and leisurely spaced and on until saturday night where they picked up speed progressing well indeed. However, baby once again (as with Finn ) seemed to get trapped after the first pelvic turn and so we made another harried trip to the OR for a c-section.

In any case on October 8th in the warm glow of the full moon, our little girl,
WREN MIRABEL MAY was born with some complications that landed her in Vancouver for the first 30 some hours of her life.(...see mike's blog for these details).
Mike and Wrenny returned to Cranny on Monday night at 11pm to spend one hour of Thankgiving day (in french "Action de Grace") as a family. I was sooo thankful to have that baby home, I spent the whole night in the hospital nursery rocking her and staring at her...like all first nights with babes should be!

Wrenny has turned out to be a very mellow and quiet bundle so far. Likes to eat. Likes to sleep. Likes to look at the world with large blue eyes attentive to all things. We are truly delighted at her joining our family and even Finn wants many chances to hold her and kiss the top of her head (which is starting to smell strangely of peanut butter and jam)

The other gift that came this week was Mike's mom (Nana) being able to come and help us out for these first days. I'm not really sure how we would be able to do this baby thing any other way. I said to Mike today "I like the 3:2 ratio, I don't know what we are going to do when that changes". Adjust. I guess.

For now, some photos and many thanks for prayers and well wishes. All have been gratefully received and cherished.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I took the cat to the vet today..to get fixed.
She almost escaped out of her cardboard box enroute so and I almost lost it. However, I managed to contain her by flipping the box over and putting the camp stove on it. She survived. I thought she might die of a heart attack. Thankfully not. She is our only mouser (and birder as it so happens...even canaries are no problem for her)

It has been the journey of hormones over the last three days as my due date is in sight. So far no reports of happenings. The odd contraction here and there,. Especially as I drive the van...perhaps that is because i am trying to stretch my legs to reach the pedals while trying not to squeeze baby belly on the steering wheel during sharp turns without power steering.
Finn has been cared for by friends today as I took a day off to do some errands, visit with friends and nap. I am very thankful for this. I grow tired, but am very excited about what the future brings. Here a few pics of the weekend at our guitar players wedding up in Kimberley.
Mr and Mrs Ben and Debbie Vanderwerf.