Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year, new wine and other foresights and hindsights

Have a few minutes here before I fall asleep. I have been thinking about the january Movement..as one might call it. It seems that in this cold and slushy air there tingles a freshness: a desire for something New, yet undiscovered to happen. I have not made any "Resolutions" they are a little too grand for me. I am more of one to lurk in the shadow of these Resolutions, and put together instead a few wishes for this new year.
they are as follows:

  • a good night's rest, for 3 days in a row (I know, I am aiming a bit high here)
  • exploring new kinds of red wine (as heard on tuesday afternoons on CBC Radio's "All Points West" with award winning BC Wine book writer who's name I can't recall)
  • at least one retreat at Marywood
  • journalling regularily about the inner workings of my mind and spirit and body
  • creative projects ongoing..even if they are only brewing in my mind for now..songs or lyric or paintings in the perculation phase
  • knitting for my Finn and Wren
I am in the middle of a truly wonderful time in my life. Not without its weeks of fatigue and grieving of course...but it is truly the richest and most colorful my world has ever been.
I have found such incredible "lump-in-throat" moments due to these two little urchins with their rapid and inccesant growth, and in the also always-changing and crazy-flexing of my co-parent and true love, Mike.
And I keep thinking, this is it. This day will never come again.
I will never have another chance at today's rare beauty, and unique challanges.
So let me be gracious.
Let me be Kind. Genuine. Creative.
And heavy on the Mercy and the laughter.
I may be clutzy in this whole department of motherhood, wifehood, and friendship,
but dammit I sure do enjoy it.
It has been truly, a good year.

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