Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bowlers

Here are the promised pics...we did have so much fun!

Yes, they do make bowling shoes that small and cute (only one pair at our alley, though!!)

Kayla showing us her expertise...

The Plot thickening, as we wait to go to the "Party Room"-where we introduced:

the Hockey Cake that Mike built..(chocolate on the bottom and cheery cherry chip on the top with strawberry Jam in the middle..yup, not just a pretty face, that guy!)

Clarky Reimer, the juniorest bowler of them all!

Kate W and Paul S..intent on CAKE!!!

Hopey looking very serious for this moment..

for more great pics see our friend Paige's account.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finn is 4....TODAY


We began at 7:00 am with The "Geburstagstisch"..One of my family's traditions...getting sung out of bed with a birthday song by the rest of the family, a candle ring, presents and a special breakfast...

the "whirleygig" Auntie Moni made for Finn! (it came in the mail-completely intact!) And hangs in a window proudly-and Finn is totally thrilled with the rainbow aspect. Thanks Guys!

A memory photo book from Nana. Thanks, we love it!

The "Joseph Coat" that I made for my favourite Son..with a lot of love..and a lot of colours! He requested this- because in his Children's Bible is a fantastic pic of this Jewish Story...

Finn amongst the party flags, and festivities (including a "sprinkle donut")

Wrenny gets in on the fun!

The loot.
(more came in the mail today-thanks COLORADO-we still have to go do our treasure hunt..tonight!)

Mike posing with Wren's upside-down crown.

more pics to follow of the Bowling Birthday Party!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little rush of last!

Wren's "Baby" needed Pygamas...and so I rooted through a loot bag of leftover flannel..and sewed a little here and there this morning...

Model Pictured here is "Beary", a recipient of much love and affection from a certain Scooterboy many moons ago. He is wearing a special birthday crown of felt and cotton I made Finn and Wren. The birthday sister needs a crown too!
I can't wait for them to be unwrapped at Finn's birthday breakfast!!

And now I am knitting fas and furious for Finn-he wished for a "Joseph Hoodie" (a rainbow colored knitted hoodie). I am half a sleeve and a hood short of finishing before wednesday morning. Finished pics to follow!

Monday, February 16, 2009

RedGirl's FIRST Gig

setting up: The boy component of RedGirl
(where was the girl? you ask..sipping merlot with more girls!)

always a winning smile from Mikey..
when he is about to spend an evening PLUGGED IN to his guitar

Leanne and Cathy, two happy Valentining friends!

Me and my date.

our winsome, exuberant and spirited host: DEREK SITKO of the Green Pheonix (Our Dude)
(but oh how we missed his Fabulous Fabs :( )

ok, so its not the greatest pic, but is is all THREE of us...after playing our little hearts out!

my first ever CRAZY dye job... feeling groovy!

Mike was my hairdresser..gutsy he, gusty me, hee hee

A great night of Valentine-ing was had by all (at least that's what they said!)
We (our new band configuarion-RedGirl: Steve Jones, Mike and I) hosted a Sold out evening of live music, Tapas, drinks, heart-y conversation at our fave restaurant: the Green Pheonix in Kimberley. Amazing Food was had. Did I mention a gastronomical Wonder!!!!

Friends Van Redekopp, Dave Prinn, Garnet Waite, Steve Lungal (Potluck Steve) and Cindy Lou Muise joined in filling up the evening with plenty o tunes.
It was a regular music Buffet and we all left Stuffed.
Many, Many Thanks to all who supported us!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mama Credo

After a few late nights and many thinks, I have come up with this little credo.
Wanted to Share it with you.

What I wish for my Children

I wish for my children to understand gratitude-not be overwhelmed by STUFF!!

I wish for my children to anticipate a season or holiday or celebration, rich in traditions of all kinds

I wish for my children to feel a strong sense of identity by keeping connected to their community of friends and family and faith by these traditions and by making their own.

I wish my children to be about creating fun and general havok with homemade toys/crafts and simple rituals, learning to take care of them and fix them rather than dispose of them.

I wish for my children to love and take care of their home planet and live in ways to keep it 'alive and well 'in their lifetime.

I wish for my children to be allowed the innocence of childhood-without sexual innuendo, or a need to please the crowd as dictated by media

I wish for my children that I can guide them, and that they would have strong, clear minds to think and make decisions on their own as they grow.