Monday, August 17, 2009

Kootenay Like Fun and more..

sorry-family who has waited....for some semblence of helooo from over here.
We have been wonderfully summerish busy with all manners of visits and camping, cabin-ing , lakeing etc.
here is the footage:
above: a week in Calgary as my brother was in town for a few days so all us sibs gathered round and had a WONDERFUL evening my dad and Annemarie. SO fun!
papa made raclette and we laughed much! (not at the food...)

Next Pics of us at Kootnay Lake for our 9 day holiday with Nana and kids...
here Mike skips rocks...a fave pastime out there in Grey Creek.

Finn took a few pics of us..

Wren Swinging

Another photo Finn took..

After getting 3 days of downpourin rain-we hopped on a ferry and headed to Kaso-where the sun shone and we had such a great is me and my hubby sans face!

Wren seems to take no time at all to make all time outside into nudey time outside...

(Longest Distance Free Canadian) Ferry Ride on the Osprey 2000-One day to Kaslo and one day to Nelson..

Light reading before bed

A Chicken Supper at Grandad and GrAnne's down the lake in their Cabin