Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

a little Valentine's Day Dress up.

Chocolate for breakfast..and thus we LOVE this day. Hendrix joined us at 7 am as he does each Thursday and was pleasantly surprised by the Kinder surprise...

The scene where the Baba leaves the house each day...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Mama's Birthday

Just a few things I loved about my Mama...and a candle for her BIG Birthday!
...from her most youngest child.

-her favourite blouse (10 blouses sewn from the same pattern with different fabric-a smart woman)
-her laugh-til-you-cry way of humour
-her crazy labeling the shelves thing (i get that now!)
-her love to "Make it by Hand"
-her ability to listen to all things at the end of a school day
-her rye sourdough "black bread" on weekdays and "white bread" for weekends
-her "let's make a new dress for this wedding" sewing in scantily clads
-her love for all things green and growing
-her afternoon Earl Grey ritual and weekend "Kaffeetrinken"
-her total eco-friendly way of reusing everything, wasting nothing, buying local-WAY before it became "trendy"
-her ability to laugh at herself
-her ability to love me

Monday, February 04, 2008

Matchy Matchy Hand-me-downs

OPA turns 70

We have just returned from a weekend in Calgary via Lethbridge.
Nana took the kids we dropped off in her cozy little house, and we travelled on to Calgary to celebrate my dad's big day.
Mike and I were the first to arrive @ Opa and Omi's on friday night.
Moni and Richard were a close second flying in from Salmon Arm, and with whom we shared accomodations. Christian and Shari flew in a few hours later from Colorado and stayed at Irene's house.
All came prepared for a good time-and all came sans enfants. So much fun!

And thus was spent a weekend-chatting and laughing over good food, planning and re-planning for our short evening "program" (where the four of us sibs got up and sang 2 songs and made a picture powerpoint and told stories of our Papa), getting food ready and dressing up for the big event.
it was truly a wonderful time.
Our kids kept Nana on her toes, and we became time millionaires for the weekend.
Ahhh- a short February reprieve-who woulda thunk!?

Opa preparing for his 30 guests!

All the prettiest girls on one couch

Many years have passed since this hike in Austria, 1975