Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet Dolly

Meet the new kids..heads only..

Dolly Hepher #1

the great limb cut out..

My Big MASTER plan is to make the kids dolls for Christmas (or Nikolaus-Dec 6-if I can't wait!).

Kids are aware of this, as they watch me sew, and are thinking of names for their dolls.
Wren really wants to play with her hairless, and unclothed doll, but I had to shoo her away as Dolly still has pins for eyes!

Today I asked Finn what he wanted to name his doll.
He said: it will be my "I love you Dolly".
I said, "ok, let's come up with some more names too, ok?"
(Ok, so maybe I do have an agenda, like:I want names less sugary than that.)
Mike is voting for "Wally" for Finn's Doll, but first I have to convince Finn that his doll will actually be a boy.
He is not really sold on the idea yet.
Alas, there is time...for convincing!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ahhh, a winter's afternoon never looked better..

After a busy morning with kids-ours and a couple of extra buddies, Wren announced it was time to get back in her "Jammies on" after being in clothes for 5 hours, and spend the rest of the day hanging out in the Living room. Finn followed suit...
Alas, Legos, trains, dolls, playdoh are the order of the day.
As for the Mama, first a double shot of espresso and then a session of Christmas crafting...

here below then are one of the perks of staying home that I can truly enjoy on a winter's morn!

The Golden Girls!

Irene, Moni and I (and NO KIDS) met in Golden for a weekend to celebrate Irene's 40th bday! And Celebrate we did. Good food, good talks, great location, good sleep, and good thrift store finds!
What a great way to mark a Milestone..

Meeting up at Bacchus, used books, and fog out the window (is there a better combination?)
Supper at Eleven22 Lounge a lovely grown-up place to linger. Food very nice. But, I still prefer our local dude for Indian Fare

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have a store

My batch of fresh "NUFFINS"

I am pretty stoked about being an Online Store Owner (hurray-no leaky roofs or loud tenants who may or may not hovel their side of the walk!) here i am : check out the very teeny tiny aisle of 4 products I have listed!!
It IS the thought that counts though, right!

Tomorrow I am in a craft Fair and I have been "hard at work" creating for about a month...three quarters of which I did this week. My poor house and family have been eating alot of beans and "cheesy noodles". BUT the creative Soul is fully LAUNCHED after almost 4 years of hibernation...My kitchen has been converted to a sewing room and every other room has been terribly affected. Not to mention other grown up family members.
no names to protect the innocent.

However the kids have been blissfully happy as they play lego in every room, and cause general mayhem whilst I am in a sort of sewing stupor, or rather a sewing euphoria.
Another thing I have long been working on is a little series of children's "dressy Drawers" (I know shameless self promotion, here we go!) I collected-for 2 long years) the tops of orange juice cans. Then I drew a a bunch of little paintings of children's clothing and have made some good use of velcro fasterers and..TADA..check out how happy my kidlets are! They can now find the right drawers to get dressed and to help their dear mother put away theory!

New for this week-Wrenny is potty training herself, only wants to wear "unnerwear" and has a whole wall of stickers to prove it! Finn commented on Wrenny's hair the other day when seeing her pony's were lying straight down after a few hours under a hat.."your Pony's are sure sad today" said he.

Mike helped the kids build a real snowman this morning-with carrot-very charmed are the kids by the snow. No picture of the later on-fallen over-melted snowfellow and big Finn tears.