Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cousins upon cousins upon cousins

We have had a wonderful week of cousins and Aunties just now.
Both my sisters came for a few nights last week..and after a brief intermission, my mother and brother in law and nephew came for the weekend.
This week, things seem oddly quiet.
chaos and quiet back to back is a lovely excersice in contrast.
And I don't mind either, really.

Tomi (2) wren (2.5) Kai (3) and Finn (4)

Here is where they all "slept".

Tomi is enamoured with her Lenin Shades.

Skye and my two enjoy the weekend movie...

...and a nightly story or two

Skye and Finn build a "house" in the backyard-with ALL the outside toys...
perfect to be hauled to the dump-says I!

Mike and Robby getting ready for their Gig at Finnegans Pub.

Who is this Blonde Rocker-none other but lead guitar and vocalist of
Mikey's new Rock and Roll pleasure.

Mike's Band opened up for Rob's "Darby and Joan Club"
we were alltogther most sufficiently Rocked out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holiday in White Rock

We have just come back from a week long trip to vist our Wonderful Wall Friends (WWF) for the Annual Spring Break Visit. Much fun and fun and fun was had by all. Here a few pics of these days gone by....

Finn and Wren on the beach in Vancouver

Destination: Aquarium!!

Showing the Dolphins our "little Dolphins and Orcas" right before the Dolphin Show.

Day 3: Science World

Day 5: Ikea and Dinner with friends of Mike (the Lanteignes)
and a lovely romp through all their toys!

Speed Racer

Finn and his friend Gracie and new buddy Owen

A little Walk and shell colection on Crescent beach

Fish an Chips at a fancy restaurant after our beach walk

Day 7: Last Stop: Greater Vancouver Zoo

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Good Times...keepin on coming

Last night-on the eve of my 38th birthday, My good friends, the Plants, came over to warm their toes and clink their glasses by our woodstove. Sparkly lights still on, nachos to crunch, cider to drown and good conversation into a wintery eve. It makes a body appreciate this extended cold season!
And so, I have spent the day in nostalgia-realizing the wealth of friendships that I am fairly stewing in...Thickening plots and distinctively flavoured- better with time, and spicier too!

I am so very thankful today for my friends, and for my family-and for the friends who have become a family. Today I went back to a website to commemorate my friend Doug, and found a poem there that struck my once again about how life can be lived so very openly without fear, without worry or cynicism..by this one man...and maybe, by us all.
I am heading into a new year.
I am only hoping to be so open.


Open Smile
Laugh Man

Open Life
Truth Man

Open Arms
Hug Man

Open Home
Share Man

Open Case
Music Man

Open Eyes
Alive Man

Open Fly
Comic Man

Open Mug
Coffee Man

Open Sky
Mountain Man

Open Valley
River Man

Open Earth
Sleep Man

Open Stage
Missing Man

Missing Man
Missing Man

Bernie Plant May 2006

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Christmas come late..and stuff

The kids beckoned me to come into their room yesterday and said "we are making christmas".
I came to see what they were up to and found this:

Here is Finn's rendition of a "fire-breathing dragon", and a Green Knight
(a gift for his buddy Levi)

Since Finn got a new joseph Coat, Peter was supposed to get one too...I was a few days late on that, but finished it last night..here he is....

....and here they are!

not to be left out.....

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Local Yocal extravaganza

The Studio Stage Door, our local heritage small theatre and Dance Studio just had a weekend of Music inside its historic walls. Local Musicians spent Friday and Saturday Night playing their hearts out and were recorded by Siega Productions.

A CD is being mixed down as we speak, and sold all for the Stage Door--to keep the heat going and the building from disrepair.
It is a real gem of a place in our town..an we don't want to lose it any time soon!

Here a few pics of the night-provided by some friends..oops cant seem to get these images right..more to follow!

Van Redekopp-Minstral of Mayook!

Me and mine!