Thursday, November 30, 2006

Potato stamping, Dress up and long naps..that what we are up to in these days of cold. The hedge is plump with snow as we don sweaters and slippers regularily, not to mention porridge and tea for breakfast. Crazyness that Christmas is only a month away. Tonight I am off to a ladies tea at church. Its always alot of fun..good treats and tea and laughing. Wrenny is staying with her papa.
We've taken Finn's new wooden sled out a few times. It's taken some getting used to as he has a current fear of falling..and a miscomprehension of what mittens can actually do.

As the calender page turns to December, I am amazed how every weekend is already pencil marked with events. I am really excited about our Lethbridge Christmas this year. Nana has lined us up a place to stay (housesitting for a friend of hers) and we in turn have found our friends the Quimbies to keep the home fires burning in our butter yellow house. Not to mention cat-feeding and snow shoveling and pipes-from-freezing duty.

Mike is hoping to get the press ready to start on Wrenny's birth announcements. He is keen to make another run of something on the old press. We'll be sending them out with Christmas cards this year..which I guess could be another thing I could be doing this very minuute! Must make tea...

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Mrs.Q said...

And the Quimbys in turn are delighted to be going "home" to your home!