Monday, November 20, 2006

Wilson's have come to visit this weekend. Yipee.
Our little house is filled with cousins, Aunties and Uncles.
Lots of time to hang out and even a few naps here and there.
Moni and Richard gave us a night out on friday. Since Wrenny is now taking the occasional bottle, we were child-free for a few hours.
Mike and I wandered down the street where one of our friends were having a wine and cheese engagement party.
We partook with gusto.
It was the first time we went on a date in 6 weeks.
It felt like a novel concept!!!
We liked it so much, that Moni offered to babysit again tonight.
Don't we love it when the Aunties come to town!!

Here are a few pics of the weekend.

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Shari Schwarz said...

Wow, Kai is getting so big! So glad you guys got to go out!! Hugs to everyone!