Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wrenny is about to become a real Canadian.
Her papers are making their way to the mailbox tomorrow.
This is her "I'm a cute pink girl from Canada" passport picture.
Note white gloves by her head..those are my hands...since she can't hold her head up to government standard without some assistance.

As for me, I am also feeling terribly nationalistic, having purchased my first ever pair of Tall White Canadian Sorels.
The real Deal.
True North Strong and Free and everything Maple.
Finn and I performed a ritual "new boot dance" before dinner captured below.
This kid knows how to live the moment...pants or no..

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Shari Schwarz said...

Love the dancing! Finn is so cute! I wonder how he and Evan will do when you come to visit!?!

Wrenny looks perplexed in her passport photo. I wonder what she was thinking?