Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Advent.

Mike wrote a new melody to "Joy to the world" and it was a part of kevin's serman this morning. Very cool. I still haven't got my advent Calender up. Somehow I think we will be doing a fairly minimalist version of decking the halls of the house this year. Finn and I are listening to "Larry and Bob sing the 70's" (Veggie Tales cd) its keeping us in good spirits as we build a fort in the living room. Wrenny sleeps in heavenly peace.

We just had our friends Jack and Dale Ann for lunch. They brought homemade minestrone and Christmas cookies and we made Paninis in our new Sandwich Press i got a few days ago. Its like a grown-up version of our usual Tomatoe Soup and Grilled Cheese on Sunday lunch. Its like we are getting all Yuppie, as Mike commented.

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Anonymous said...

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sounds heavenly to me. Can I come?
Love, Nana