Friday, November 10, 2006

Our Library is on the move.
Today was the last day you could go in and sign out up to 40 items and not return them til February. It's an attempt to have less stuff to move for the book movers. They gave out free and funky book bags to the first 1000 people to jump at this offer.
Sadly, we were late.
BUT we came.
In the snow.
With 2 kids under 2.
We came with enthusiasm. We came on foot.
It was today's stroller destination and we made it.
And we also made it back home.
(the picture above was taken at 10:30 this morning-and we were on the road at 11:00-in real people daytime clothes)

Anyways, now that naptime is upon us, and the fire's cracklin, the fan in cranked and the dishes are, in fact, done...its a great moment to "nuggle" up to a good book.
Must stop this blogging nonsense and retreat behind some pages of other people's lives.


Anonymous said...

Another delightful photo of the Cranbrook Cuties. I can relate to snuggling up with a good book, as I am into the second day this week of being homebound with a lousy cold. It loses something when it is forced upon you than when it is done by choice. But still good to have reading time.

Warm a cozy hugs to all of you,
Love, Nana

Shari Schwarz said...

what a cool deal at your library! Ours is having a book swap tomorrow...sadly that we won't make it to since it is so far from us now.

sooo glad we get to see ALL of you in January!