Monday, November 06, 2006

Wrenny and I spent the weekend in Fernie with Nana and my friend Lloy, her daughter Charis and a bunch of other ladies from Lethbridge that call themselves the "Ya-Ya's". We stayed in a "cabin" (5 bedroom, 3 bathroom) on the ski hill that belongs to friends of Nana.
A totally relaxing time.
Lots of rain- condusive to doing a whole lot of nothing!
Wrenny was passed off to the other ladies between feeds and Nana of course had dibs on her most of the weekend! A wonderful trip.

Mike and Finn hung out at home and did manly things like buy hardware, fix things and watch Football. On sunday night, Wrenny had a baby shower at church and people gave us enough money for Wrenny and I to fly to Colorado to visit my brother and sister in law asnd nephews who otherwise would not meet Wrenny til next year sometime. I'm in the process of booking our flights. Very exciting!!