Saturday, November 25, 2006

According to my "blogger dashboard" this is my 50th post! Holy cow! Where has the time gone.

Today I am flying solo for the first time with 2 kids. Mike went to play a gig with the band just outside of Calgary. Overnight. In the meantime "me and the chil'ens" are hanging out for the weekend. As it NEVER happens any other time, the kids are both sleeping. They picked the perfect day to do this for me. A little gift for their Mama, I'm sure! My friend Robyn is also flying Solo this weekend so we are doing supper together with all the kids at her house later on. Combining leftovers. Bringing the kids pyjamas etc.

We have a new sleeping arrangement, since Wrenny has taken to extended periods of sleep during the night, and I am still quite disturbed by every little movement she makes at night. She has her own little spot in the livingroom, by the woodstove. Nice and cozy.
While at Canadian Tire the other day, I bought Finn a little set of hockey sticks and a foam ball. He is pretty crazy about hockey right now. As soon as the sticks were unwrapped, Papa and him played on the kitchen floor with them. And now Finn doesn't ever want to play with out his (bike) helmet on. He is quite a sight. Wrenny, on the other hand, not quite so optimistic about "Hockey Night in Canada" got a new hat to take on outdoor adventures.


Anonymous said...

Wrenny's new hat looks adorable, as do her elephant sleepers. What a little fashion statement! Wish I could see Finn playing hockey! Be sure to bring the equipment at Christmas.

Hope all is well - not a good weekend for travel near Calgary with all the snow.
Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wrenny is such a gorgeous little girl! And I love Finn's golden locks! I bet Finn and Skye would have fun playing hockey.

That's all for now...looking forward to seeing y'all soon!