Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What an eventful 24 hours!
Mike's mom, Nana, came for a visit over the weekend and we all had such a great time and the house felt so empty when she left on Monday. Our cat Maus had been great with kittens over the last scorching days, and I was beginning to feel very sorry for her in this heat. Nana's dog lived inside our house for the weekend and so Maus was walking about a little more carefully than usual. Poro is not know for his affectionate relations to the feline varieties. By the tine Nana left, I had the distinct feeling aforementioned cat was READY! Mike and I were set to go out for supper at the river with our friends the Thompsons and our friend Sara had offered to come over to babysit. I think she got a lot bigger of an event that she had anticipated.

Smee (still with us for now) was cowering in the laundry room, panting uncontrollably from his fear of thunderstorms...which were coming in since 2 in the afternoon). Maus was posing all sorts of awkward positions and seemed ready to go into action any moment...While Finn sat at the table playing with playdo and watching Sara's four kids come bursting in out of the rain. Just to calm things down a bit, noodle salad was served up for all.

By the time we left for our supper, I was just thankful Sara was not easily phased by such life events as cat delivery. Sarah is a doula, and was, hence, really the best person for the job!! Her husband was to come around 8pm and pick up her kids and she was going to spend a quiet eve in our house while Finn slept.
No such luck.

Mike and I arrived home at 11pm: Finn and Sara's son Levi slept, but the other 3 girls were wide awake and playing. Alex, her hubby arrived about 10 minutes after we did and all of us were quite thrilled about Sarah's announcement of 3 kittens being born while we were out. I went to check behind the washing machine (with flashlight) where the event had transpired, and saw a fourth kitten, a calico runt, had been added as a surprise ending. Mike took a few photos..included here. All survived the night and Maus seems to be adjusting very well. The kittens are pretty much all spoken for and so we are excited to house this little experiment for about 8 weeks!! Then Maus will be in for a quick trip to the vet!!
Don't tell her!


scooterboy said...

sooooo cute.

sporto said...

too late, i already sent maus a little email to tell her about the upcoming vet visit. har har. i remember katie and i watching one of their cats (they've had so many, i don't remember which) give birth. we were eating pizza at the time. it was... uhmm, gross.

Shroom-Monkey said...

There are no scooters here- I am confused???

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Maus has had her litter and all are doing well. It was indeed an eventful evening in the Hepher household!! Wonder how long it will be before Sara offers to babysit again??

jamesandheatherboldt said...

Hey Mike and Annie. Those are some pretty cute cats! We just joined the blogging world. Come check us out if you get time. jamesandheatherboldt.blogspot.com

James and Heather