Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just came back from Calgary and before that, Lethbridge. Mike played in his brothers Band (the darby and joan club: on friday night. Mike's family all contributed: Rob and Mike played in the band, Mike's Dad, my sister in law, Rin watched while Nana watched the kids so we the rest of us could enjoy the evening. It was a great night! Since we have so many birthdays and Anniversaries in August, we all went out on Saturday morning for brunch and then Mike and I headed of to Calgary.

In Calgary we spent longer than anticipated in Ikea and the went up to my Papa and Annemarie's for a backyard BBQ. They had invited irene and old-time family friends the Zippricks.

A full and fun weekend..and now, its good to be home. Finn was delighted to be home and
it took him quite a few spins in his crib to wear himself out!

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