Monday, July 31, 2006

I have become person who cuts peanut butter toast into 8 pieces.

In fact, its so much a habit in doing this for Finn that I am starting to do a modified 4 piece slice for myself these days. I have been thinking about how I want to continue become this person that motherhood is making me. A whole slice, 5 bite toast eater doesn't get the opportunity to relish all the textures and oddities of each cube of an eight-piece toast slice! Such is my life...I guess I am thankful for the ways in which my life has been forced to slow down. Each task , each moment shrunk down into smaller bits. Each day is a thousand little things of wonder (and, of course-doubt).

Last night on the news I saw the remnants of an entire Israeli village whose devastating loss is something I may never understand on any level. I felt so very terrible to be human last night. So angry to be connected to a race that continues to be violent and unmerciful. I told this to Mike and he said-that's why you need to keep on enjoying all the little things. And he's right. Life is all about the eight squares of peanut butter toast on Finn's snack plate. No less, no more.
Now is all we have. That I think I can understand.

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scooterboy said...

you make me sound so wise, babe. I dig it!