Saturday, July 22, 2006

Outside my front door there is a huge Sleeping Beauty tangle of a hedge that grows thicker every year we've lived here. We haven't managed to give it a good trim yet. Not for lack of trying though. It's tricky business to fight all them pointy, little branches into well mannered hedge etiquette. This year Mike pointed out to me, as were competeing to get the mail at the front door, that the little pea pods that grow on our hedge pop and throw their seeds everywhere. We listened for the popping sounds. I couldnt believe I haden't heard them the last 3 summers. We talked science then. How the heat expanded the pods and then expelled the seeds at seemingly random times. I continue to marvel and how nature works so beautifully.

Today is the 5th anniversary of Mama's death. A random pop. A time to be released. And seeds are still everywhere, leaving new fledging hedglings in their wake. Seasons to endure and to enjoy. Ah, my beautiful hedge, the protection that it gives me, and the lessons it offers a healing heart.


Reyna said...

That is a beautiful thought Anie.

Timbit said...

Hey Missus Ma,

I just undertook a crash course in Annie's life of late. Pleasurable activity.

By the way, you're a great writer.

I'll be back in Canada in two freakin' weeks. And will finally touch down in the pass by the fifth of September or so.

Timbit said...

...Talk to you soonER than later.

scooterboy said...

I have to agree with Reyna, wherever do you come up with these thoughts? I am always amazed at your simple wonder of the world. How did you preserve it?

Anie said...

I preserve with laughter. And eyes wide open! you?