Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All I can say for the day is that..the laundry is done...
It might not seem spectacular to the average bear, alas to me, it is rather Everest! It just needs to be folded and put away! HA!

Anyways, I still feel hit-by-a-truck-kind-of-tired, but all so worthwhile. Our drive home from Butte yesterday went very well. Finn was a peach in the car..had 2 naps instead of his usual 1, and was pretty content and silly until we hit about 7 minutes outside of Cranbrook. Not bad at all said we. We stopped at Swan Lake State Park, as we had done on the way down, and got the most beautiful huge sandwiches from the local grocer there. Very lovingly handcrafted by the owner's wife, complete with their own "house mustard" that a friend of theirs makes from scatch. We all got to stretch our legs, take in the sun, and throw rocks in the lake. Finn was in his element and ended the lunch session as a true "soggy bottom boy" with his diaper well below his knees, and his grin well past his ears. The border fellar at Roosville gave us no grief, and we made it home for a supper of Sidekick noodles, followed by frootloops for dessert, amongst a stack of tupperware containers, lumpy bags, and unidentifiable mounds. Mike and I rented movies, put Finn to bed and relaxed amongst the chaos, deciding that it would all still be there when we woke up.
Which it was!
Tomorrow I see the midwife. I am at 27 weeks and this little bean is kicking low and cutting off my lung power all in the same move!

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