Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We’re putting our Smee dog up for adoption. The decision came to a resounding yes yesterday morning when we both realized, after months of vascelating, that the poor pooch really was being neglected. Our friend and neighbour up the street, Marta, who works many days in the bush, has agreed to take him. We are sooo thrilled for Smee. Marta has taken him out for adventures before, and he always has come back very happy. So here we go...dogless after almost 10 years!!


iSport said...

sigh. both smee and poro have gone to happy adoption land. bless their furry little toes.

Shari Schwarz said...

Whoa! I can't believe it! I had no idea you guys were thinking of giving him up. But sure glad it's for his best and yours, I'm sure.

R-word said...

Hi Anie, I just caught up with your blog, and I must say, it is such a good way of staying in touch!! I found out more about you in the last 5 minutes than I have in the last 5 years! ok maybe not... but it is a great tool for us far and distant friends! I'm sad about smee though... I can't imagine you without him somehow! but I know it will be for the best.
till later! Reyna