Monday, January 26, 2009

"These are the days of the endless Wonder..."

have always LOVED that Van Morrison Song...
And somehow it has been capturing these days of late.
I amin awe-on many levels, at the intensity and innate ability of small children to live in a realm of NOW and with it-
-freedom to be
-loyal and loudly proclaimed LOVE (and dislike, of course!)
-all things at break-neck learning curve.

Here is how the days have been unfolding...

to begin, a re-warmed "Oh Boy" Waffle (see Better Homes and Garden's Cook book 1964 edition, y'all) rejuvinated in the toaster.
Gotta love those "breakfast for supper " meals that leave you with leftovers that you can actually EAT for Breakfast.

A little morning drawing session with stamps and glue and colors and all things BRIGHT and beautiful...wearing SMOCKS, of course.

2 Sibs and their buddy:
Nuzzlin with Mausi
(our somewhat indoor-adapted barn cat, named for its function...not to be mistaken for its Pet-like qualities. We have decided we like Cats MORE than mice-so the cat stays, for now.)

The evening bath line up.


Annie said...

Ha. Great photos. I only need to add the photos to my post on breakfast for supper, which we have a few times a month on those crazy days when we don't have the time or energy to get the job done. I love breakfast though, so why the heck not have it for supper?

Ah, living in the moment. Our children have a lesson for us everyday. Thanks for sharing this!

You know, dogs can be good mousers. At least my dog was when we had them in Cranbrook. He ate three that I know of. This weekend we were at our friend's property and he was going crazy digging around for them in the flattened brush.

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

of course I'm coming for the Redgirl extravaganza...wouldn't miss it...booked my babysitter since you told me to.
this week i've been feeling low on I need my Annie Fix...i have to bring the dolls to the store so we will hopefully/luckily misght see each other this week. don't know when...they're not even close to being finished. we're coming tomorrow to cranholio but we're just driving into next time it is. will let you know when.
this is a long message!

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said... i assume you're back...i am coming with the dolls tomorrow, hopefully you'll be at work and we will chat for like 5 seconds :)