Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New year!

Another snowy day here and I love it-as my cross country skiis and have been out almost daily to the local trails..seen above (South Star-to you locals).
Finn now has some beginner skis and is impressive to goes something like this:

ski 3 steps, wobble, eat snow, look for "his friend the moon" :repeat. A good thinky pace.
Wren in backpack, not so keen with this loping about!.

Went for my first-ever night ski with headlamps with some great twin buddies, and am completely hooked.
Now I need to find my Moonlight Partner some skis (He is a size 11 boot-if anyone has x-country gear to share about)

We had a great and quite unexpected New Year's Eve Party with about a dozen other friends...which turned out oh so loverly. We knew about the party for a eek or so, but couldn't find a sitter-and then the hosts said-we could bring the kids and put them to sleep in some quiet corner of their house. ..which is exactly what we did.
Beside a little bit of restless sleep for Finn at the beginning-all went swimmingly and it was truly one of the best new year's shindig's I have been to this decade.
Wow. Fun. yes, wow and fun...and "naked Grape" Shiraz. hurrah.

Then, New Years day at our fine Comrades Derek and Fabs , where inspiring conversation about simple and natural child-rearing and intentional living was had (over coffee and baileys-as if a German and a Mexican girl need ANY alcoholic supplement for discourse on matters that matter!)

And thus dawns the new year....
A quiet swoosh of a ski
A sudden thump of fallen snow from an overburdened branch
A little river of drips in the pantry from an iced and aging cedar roof
The last crunchy bits of the Gingerbread house (now candy-less)
Boxes full and at the door to be taken to Thrift
Woodpile half full
And desire for inspiration and deep, healing laughter and tears grows.
Lead on.


Annie said...

Sounds like a good start to the year! Warm wishes, Anie and family!

Mrs.Q said...

Happy New Year, Hephalumps all!

Shari Schwarz said...

Your header made me smile big :) Happy New Year...oh, and I love blueletterpress' stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts to usher us all into a New Year. You do have such a gift for making the simple profound, and vice versa. Thank you for that. I'm looking forward to lots of fun with the Cranberries in 2009.
Love lots,

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

You lead, we'll follow.'re the fastest knitter I know.

Gordon McArthur said...

Funny how the "great twin buddies" didn't get an etsy plug!