Monday, January 19, 2009

A little bit of stealing for the New year

I hope it is ok.

that I have stolen this pome..(i know that is not how one should spell this word, but doesnt it just look plumper that way? more mischevious?)

Anyways-i have been following this blog for a while and just read the stuff below-and wanted to pass it on

Holy Moley -it goes in the category of "ThingsI wishIhadWritten" because it wraps up in words so well this incredible zest, this fierce and sacred flame of being and learning and growing along side my kids.

Teach Me in the Key of Life
by Mimi Chenfeld

I am waiting for you
I have been waiting all my life
to spend this time
with you.

I am full of questions, adventures, wonder, curiousity,
I am full of fears, doubts, confusions, nightmares, dreams.
I am the Cowardly Lion. I need a badge for courage.
So do you.
I am the Tin Man. So tight. I forgot about my heart.
How’s your heart?
I am the Scarecrow. Hangin’ so loose my brain feels unhinged.
Does yours?
Sometimes I’m
Sometimes I’m seven new dwarfs as yet unnamed.

I love to sing.
I know the words to 2,437 songs.
Teach me through songs.
Let me paint, doodle, scribble, draw, carve, fix, sketch - DO.
I can’t keep still.
I’m a spaced-out, far-out, Star Wars, Superman, rock ‘n’ roll, disco,
punk, psychedelic, tuned-out, right-on, cool age,
electronic, stereo, video games, computerized, technicolor, ten-speed kid!
I need action!
Keep it moving!

I love to read baseball cards, album covers, TV schedules, movie ads,
license plates, T-shirts, buttons, posters, cartoons, cereal boxes,
recipes, highway signs, historical markers, magazines, picture books,
sad stories, weird poems, animal histories, lost-and-found boards…

Let me ask my questions - even if you don’t know the answers.
Dumb questions, like who started numbers?
Do caterpillars know they’re going to turn into butterflies?
Where does the white go when the snow melts?
Why does time fly?
How do we see?
What do you see?

It’s not my birthday, but every day can’t we celebrate SOMETHING?
Colors, seasons, Tuesdays, Mexico, circles, houses, maps, our names, numbers, one seed, our journals, favorite books, inventions, rivers, peace!
Can we celebrate our country on the fourth of October or the twelfth of May?
We don’t have school on the fourth of July!
Every day let’s celebrate SOMETHING!
Life - the wonder and power and miracle of Life - of being here, learning together, with all our fantastic powers.

Surprise me.
Amaze me.
Startle me.
Challenge me.
Try me.
Laugh with me.
Love me.
Teach me
in “the key of life,”
and I promise I’ll
surprise, amaze, startle, challenge, try, enjoy and love YOU!


Shari Schwarz said...

This encompases much of my mantra for teaching! Love it!

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

we're coming! Derek says we're "allowed" to hang out around 1:30 (he's going to be with Mike), so give us a call if you cannot perform hostess duties :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how this sounds like the Anie I love! What a wonderful, life-at-its-fullest commentary! Thanks for sharing it.
Love ya, Nana

ella said...

it's a poem to pass on and share.