Friday, January 16, 2009

Superhero Week

In the event that you do NOT is, in fact, Superhero week.
So, if you have seen the Household Hepher out on the town with our capes..then you will know this important piece of info.

evidence below..

"SuperFly Finn" and "Supergirl" Wren showing you their muscles

The classic flight Pose

even our buddy Kayla got into the theme..sporting a fetching piece of fabric OVER her winter gear. She insisted..and she is two-and some battles are simply better left alone.

the superhero Block walk...and since all Hero's need a side kick-each hero BROUGHT their side their own tobbogan..or wine box..or whatever one could affix a string too.

It has been, a Super powered kinda week.


mike said...

i am SUPER glad this week is over...

Anonymous said...

You rock!


Annie said...

Fun! We totally missed that it was super hero week, if you can believe it. Ah, next year...