Sunday, February 11, 2007

A pretty quiet week around here.

We are down to Mike and Wrenny with Current Cold Conditions (The CCC).

I was feeling abit crazy-like in terms of being housebound, and so took the kids out for a walk to a local coffe joint. Finn in the 'boggan' and Wren on my back in the pack. The snow came down pretty good and Wrenny got a fine facewash..but no complaints. I think she was happy to be out as well. Finn and I enjoyed a treat (mine in the form of a pretty excellent double-shot mocha), and then we turned back so we could still make it for church. Left Wrenny to sleep in the laundry room in the backpack, face skyward, cheeks- wet and rosy. Finn and I headed to church.
Mike and Wrenny slept.

And now on this grey afternoon, I am about to make popcorn and tuck in for a quiet night.
We are taking things pretty easy these days. Sleep has been hard to get all week as Wrenny is coughing lots between 10pm-12am and 4-6 am and so we split the time and stay up with her. Finn had to go to the emergency on Thursday at 2am because, we figured after some hours of miserable crying and his stating that "ear hurt" we should bring him in.
Turns out: whopping ear infection.
He loves his "pink med'cin".
so he is on the mend, but Wrenny...bit of a fusspot.
oh well. so it goes.
it makes for some in-house fun.
Finn and I have been dancing quite a bit...and we made pies and painted crafts.
This week Mike and I will be performing with Cara Luft.
Its been awhile since we played music together, both of us are looking forward to it.
will report on that later.


Shari Schwarz said...

oooooh! Wrenny is adorable and funny--with that little stern face. So sorry you've been through the wringer with the kids sick. Hope Wrenny gets better soon. Love to you all!

Erin said...

hmmmmmm......double shot mocha.....hmmmmmm. Non-fat, no whip I hope. Sounds like a really nice way to start a Sunday. I made one at home before going to church.
Hope the mending continues.

Anonymous said...

Love our little Valentine Wrenny, and I send a kiss for her cheek as well as one for her big and equally delightful brother! Glad to hear the colds are abating.
Love to you all, Nana

Anonymous said...

cute kid!