Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Zamboni Day

We had a day with Kate..and what fun we had!
Jen dropped Kate off at our Mother Goose Singing group.
We 4 were the group today. No one else showed up, but the kids had a hoot and I relaxed because it was four walls of unobstructed running space for the 2 year olds and a wonderful facilitator who enjoys little ones!

We walked from there with Kate and Finn in the stroller and Wrenny in the backpack to the library and then to the community skating rink to watch the Zamboni clean the ice and then to see Mike skate at his lunch hour hockey league. Kate mentioned she wanted to "be hockey" when she grew up. Finn wanted to "drive the Zamboni" when he grew up.

The trip up the hill home was a bit of a puff. As I have been tracking my steps with handy pedometer,I am amazed how any kms I am actually putting on a day. Yesterday I topped out at over 9kms!
It's so good to be outside and breathing in the almost Spring air and enjoy the chatter of 2 kids in their own world and a baby who is starting to get so chatty and chuckly.
Tomorrow it's March.
Brave out dear Crocus!

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