Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On the wrong side of Grace

another day the life of a Hepher kidlet!

It was a great idea.
Get out of the house, go for a ride, kids get some scenery. I get some time with the radio on and hands free parenting (well, if you take away the steering wheel aspect!)
We drove to neighbouring Kimberley to the kids consignment store to find Finn some hockey skates. Our friends Jen, Kate and Jack came too. Now it was time for a treat. so we headed to the local coffee shop and ordered lunch, trying our best to keep the 2 year olds in line and in view and playing with toys ina decent "restaurant rules" sort of way.
Enter waiter guy.
Not keen on us.
Actually make that not keen on our kids.
He was quite open with his NOT saying it (stares and mutters) that he wished us gone.
This was my first fun outing in quite a number of sick days and here we were gobbling our food and mochas down and feeling judged and somehow guilty all the while.
trying to be quick about it all as to leave him and his store intact of the brashness, freshness and whirlwind that is childhood.

Pretty mad was I on the way home.
How dare he. How rude!
Must not have kids.
expletive here and there in my head (have 2 year old, must be always careful what comes out of my mouth these days-else it is used by Finn on his bunny bear).

And then I got to thinking about how quick I am to judge.
I still constantly judge other mothers, other women of all vocations..all people really.
It has been a long time since I felt this judged. And I suppose it has been a poignant reminder to me. That I wish to be of the tribe of the "uncast stone". That those judgements are not mine to deliver or consider.
And well... the food was good.
and we did find skates.

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