Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bowlers

Here are the promised pics...we did have so much fun!

Yes, they do make bowling shoes that small and cute (only one pair at our alley, though!!)

Kayla showing us her expertise...

The Plot thickening, as we wait to go to the "Party Room"-where we introduced:

the Hockey Cake that Mike built..(chocolate on the bottom and cheery cherry chip on the top with strawberry Jam in the middle..yup, not just a pretty face, that guy!)

Clarky Reimer, the juniorest bowler of them all!

Kate W and Paul S..intent on CAKE!!!

Hopey looking very serious for this moment..

for more great pics see our friend Paige's account.


Annie said...

Oh how fun! Wren's hair is getting thicker and longer, eh? I love her little bitty shoes! Did you guys have bumper lanes when you were there?

Anonymous said...

Looks like loads of fun! Love the cake, Mikey.
Love, Nana