Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finn is 4....TODAY


We began at 7:00 am with The "Geburstagstisch"..One of my family's traditions...getting sung out of bed with a birthday song by the rest of the family, a candle ring, presents and a special breakfast...

the "whirleygig" Auntie Moni made for Finn! (it came in the mail-completely intact!) And hangs in a window proudly-and Finn is totally thrilled with the rainbow aspect. Thanks Guys!

A memory photo book from Nana. Thanks, we love it!

The "Joseph Coat" that I made for my favourite Son..with a lot of love..and a lot of colours! He requested this- because in his Children's Bible is a fantastic pic of this Jewish Story...

Finn amongst the party flags, and festivities (including a "sprinkle donut")

Wrenny gets in on the fun!

The loot.
(more came in the mail today-thanks COLORADO-we still have to go do our treasure hunt..tonight!)

Mike posing with Wren's upside-down crown.

more pics to follow of the Bowling Birthday Party!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Finn!

My own wee one turned 4 just a few days ago, it's such a great age. :)

Annie said...

Oh how fun! Happy Birthday Finn! 4 is a great year.

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

You made it! You finished the coat! congratulations to all of you, I am sure the 4s are going to be great fun.

Shari Schwarz said...

I LOVE Finn's sweater. Beautiful!! And, yeah! that our little treasure got there in time. :)

Happy Birthday #4 Finn!

Auntie Shari

Mrs.Q said...

Happy Birthday, Finn! Your new coat is awesome!