Monday, March 02, 2009

A Local Yocal extravaganza

The Studio Stage Door, our local heritage small theatre and Dance Studio just had a weekend of Music inside its historic walls. Local Musicians spent Friday and Saturday Night playing their hearts out and were recorded by Siega Productions.

A CD is being mixed down as we speak, and sold all for the Stage Door--to keep the heat going and the building from disrepair.
It is a real gem of a place in our we don't want to lose it any time soon!

Here a few pics of the night-provided by some friends..oops cant seem to get these images right..more to follow!

Van Redekopp-Minstral of Mayook!

Me and mine!

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Annie said...

I hope there will be a way for those of us not still in the area to contribute to the future health of the Stage Door. I would love to purchase one of the cd's. Can you keep us up to date?