Monday, February 16, 2009

RedGirl's FIRST Gig

setting up: The boy component of RedGirl
(where was the girl? you ask..sipping merlot with more girls!)

always a winning smile from Mikey..
when he is about to spend an evening PLUGGED IN to his guitar

Leanne and Cathy, two happy Valentining friends!

Me and my date.

our winsome, exuberant and spirited host: DEREK SITKO of the Green Pheonix (Our Dude)
(but oh how we missed his Fabulous Fabs :( )

ok, so its not the greatest pic, but is is all THREE of us...after playing our little hearts out!

my first ever CRAZY dye job... feeling groovy!

Mike was my hairdresser..gutsy he, gusty me, hee hee

A great night of Valentine-ing was had by all (at least that's what they said!)
We (our new band configuarion-RedGirl: Steve Jones, Mike and I) hosted a Sold out evening of live music, Tapas, drinks, heart-y conversation at our fave restaurant: the Green Pheonix in Kimberley. Amazing Food was had. Did I mention a gastronomical Wonder!!!!

Friends Van Redekopp, Dave Prinn, Garnet Waite, Steve Lungal (Potluck Steve) and Cindy Lou Muise joined in filling up the evening with plenty o tunes.
It was a regular music Buffet and we all left Stuffed.
Many, Many Thanks to all who supported us!


Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

the dye job was congratulations to both of you you gutsy little things. come by on worries...we'll be here waiting happy for your arrival. bring the living crafts magazine ;) i have proposals to make you and food to share with you...

anie said...

YAY! ok-i will give you a call -am thinking morning-assuming your Finny takes a nap in the afternoon.
i have a new living crafts...that i will bring!

Annie said...

That's a great picture of you! The red is so fun! You're a lot braver than I'd be to let your husband dye your hair! Red hair, no less. How hard was it to dye?

Wish I could have heard your beautiful voice again!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics.

LOVE the hair!! After all, the group IS called RedGirl!!

Love ya,

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

call us in the is charged...we're supah cited....although I have to tell you everybody is if you're weary of germs...let me know...

Mrs.Q said...

Sounds like my kind of party! Glad to hear it went well. And the hair is too cool - does Mikey do house calls?