Sunday, December 28, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS-Christmas morn

A little Christmas Morning Caroling

Stokin the fire for Christmas Morn

Wrenny waits fro the Stocking Distribution to begin...

FInn's Doll "peter"

Wrenny's Dolly "Suzie"


Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

Oh My Gosh! the dolls are KICKING ASS!

Annie said...

Lovely! Those dolls turned out so awesome!

Cam wants Mike's tshirt. "Truer words have never been spoken".

Sophia Sunshine said...

Hello Anie, I don't think I ever met you in Cranny but it was once my home too. I've loved watching you work on your dolls for the kids and wow, Peter and Suzie are so adorable!

I was wondering... what did you use as your main guide? Did you already have a lot of the know how, did you follow a book or did you go with resources on-line. I think I can find everything I need except for how to do the hair...

Anie said...

Well, Sophia-I just hoped for the best for the most part. Gort some ideas from looking at my friend fab's dolls (in Kimberley) see her etsy store: and then I found this little tutorial i looked at-but didnt totally follow!

Thanks so much for the compliments-it really was a labour of love and my girl especially is starting to bond with her Suzie!
cheers. Anie