Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Advent, Advent, ein lichtlein Brennt.."

Here are a few pics of our nightly routine. We try to sing a few Christmas Carols with the kids each night around the kitchen table Advent wreath. yesterday ended smashingly well with a grand finale family parade- singing "Deck the Halls"-(with instruments!) all the way from the Kitchen to the sudsy bathtub-all 10 steps...Very fun!!! Who gets to have this much fun, I ask you. I am so freaking lucky.
Soon the Gingerbread men will be coming out-and their to follow

I have to say-I LOVE this time of year..and am so thankful for the two kids whom I get to show all these crazy Schwarz traditions!
I feel like the Wonder is all coming back.
Glitter and Sparkles abound.
Bring on the Halos, peppermint everything and chocolate before Breakfast.
Wow, I am an easy convert!
Mike is so great at getting into all this stuff too, although his does put his foot down on Herring Salad on Christmas Eve.
spoil sport.

Also the updated version of the dolls which the kids have now named.

Soosie (prounounced "SSSoo-SSee" -Wrenny says it is NOT Suzie) and Peter (pronounced the regular way)

Finn and Peter

Wren and Soosie

Wrenny insisted Soosie has a "bum" I dont know what the future holds for us Hephers!

2 candles now!

Our Christmas Pyramid from Opa and Omi


Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

ajajajaja...i'm so famous...yeah right!...but funny thing is I sold like 5 schleepybabies that day...must thank Molly again.'s so heart warming, seriously, to see all these traditions sprouting up on us because now we have kids...sometimes i feel weird because 6 years ago I didn't even like xmas and now I am decking the house, baking cookies, secretly stashing presents or making them, you know the drill. I am also trying to figure out which traditions I want to pass on to Adica & Finn and which ones I would rather pass...what's your take, sister??

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

by the way, the dolls are looking very nice my friend, very're gonna' have to show me now how to make bums!!

Annie said...

WOw! Those dolls are turning out so well. Love love love them.

Anonymous said...

Love the dolls! Love the doll owners and doll namers! Can't wait to see them all,
Love, nana

Mrs.Q said...

I have to say, I'm with Mike on the herring salad. I'm sure one of the reasons I'm happy to stay in Vancouver for the holidays is that I get to miss the traditional cannery smells at my parents' on Christmas morning!

The rest of it, though, sounds lovely! (And of course SooSee has to have a bum! How else would she sit down?)

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

DONE. Do you think you guys can come up on Wednesday morning? that would be awesome!!