Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day and beyond

We spent 2 nights Dec 26-28, in our friend Mike's "Wildwood Cabin" in Mayook..with Nana!
Here's what went on..


Our Bass PLayer and Daughter came out to see us for some tunes...

The Cabin Next Door "eagles Nest" also one of our friend Mike's Projects..


Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

I wished we had come to visit too...I forgot it was Derek;s birthday on saturday and all he wanted to do was sleep we left him do that...and then work in the afternoon.
But, now that the official holidays are over...when are you guys coming to visit? If you can and he can, bring your old rocking husband too :)

Annie said...

Lovely lovely! I miss Mike. I was actually telling a story about him the other day from when he sprayed a little spurt of dog stray in the post office to see how far it would shoot. Ha. What a gas. Literally!

Anonymous said...

I think I should probably clarify that the 'mike' in the comment above refers to 'mike zamara' the owner of the treehouse/cabin...who used to be a mail carrier, and probably used dog spray occasionally.


the other mike.

Shari Schwarz said...

What fun! Looks like you guys had a blast! And those cabins rock!