Monday, April 09, 2007

A Week Away

Sorry that the order of these pics are a bit muddly...We have returned after a 5 day stint in Salmon Arm to meet baby Tomi. Mike had his own adventure in between there as he travelled further from Salmon Arm to White Rock to visit his best friend Jeff and wife Marcia and cutiepie Gracie (27 months). My Dad and Annemarie and Irene all came out over the days we were there. We had a really excellent visit with all-a smorgesborg of early mornings and interupted nights -as one expects with 4 kids under 2 in the house), walks and parks, meals and games and just alot of hanging out time with various combinations of family. The grand finale was a kid-free fondue on wednesday night..a Really wonderful time. Thanks Moni and Richard!!

Mike then picked us up from Salmon Arm while driving through from the Coast and we travelled some 8 hours further to the East Shore of Kootenay the Hepher Family cabin (est. 1980).

The traditional "opening of the Cabin" was done by Mike at 9pm in full darkness with two almost asleep kids and an idling car for light. He seached for valves and breakers and what-not so that we too could enjoy a warm night and running water once inside the cabin. The next morning at the crack of 11 am,I returned home to Cranny with Wren to partake in all the Easter festivities. This included a Good Friday Fish Fry /Egg hunt, a Saturday evening Easter Vigil (Where I was the Sponsor for our little friend baby Jack Slater on his baptism) and then music for the Easter Service at our own Church. Wrenny and I slept over at our very hospitable friends Jack and Dale Ann..who started off by saying they could Look after Wrenny on Satruday Night, and then agreeing to me to sleeping over and then fed me breakie on Easter morning and watched Wren while I went to music pratice at 8 am.
Wine and Dark Chocolate included!!
We have the best friends indeed.
And speaking of friends..another real highlight of the weekend was seeing my friend Erin who was also down from the coast for the weekend and having two satiating visits whilst she knitted and I sewed on the patio with my new bevie of choice (which I have dubbed "Anie Hard Apple": one part citris vodka, one part sour apple flavouring and one part sprite, on ice.)
serve with spring sunshine and no sunscreen-just to catch that first important freckle of the season)

Mike and Finn stayed at the cabin Friday to Sunday and were joined by Mike's dad (Pops) and brother and our nephew Skye. They spent some sunshiney days on the pebble beach and in the cozy confines of a 4oo square foot cabin with a two and four year old. Meanwhile, Wrenny and I met Mike and Finn at the Lake on Sunday afternoon after the others had all left and spent a nice evening there. We drove through a brazen sunset towards dinner at the Grey Creek Restaurant, and reminisced about the fact that Easter Sunday 6 years ago-we were engaged.

Although we had a wonderful time, the whole deal seems to have worn Finn out. he has really piqued in his two-year-old self and the last 3 days have been very exhausting as we go from one tantrun to the next without much in-between time. Like contactions only more frustrating and seemingly without much resolution. Any prayers, well wishing and advice welcome. I'm pretty sure a few days at home will settle him somewhat and he is still the charmingest and funniest kid...just has developed an edge. As my friend Jenny says: our kids have to hit these stages so that we are more willing to let them be independent and leave us. And that we are ok with that. For now-the sandbox is turning into a full-time vocation for Finn!


Mrs.Q said...

The girl-cousins are loverly in their matching Easter dresses...and knitting in the sun sipping on "apples" was just the thing for me too...thanks, m'friend!

Shari Schwarz said...

love, Love, LOVE the pic of Finn on the pebble beach with the rocks lined up!!! and the matching baby girls. Sounds like a full, wonderful time! It's killing me that we couldn't be there. Hmmmm...Finn and tantrums. I'm sure he'll be better once he's back to normallcy. I had the greatest dream about him last night. He was just so cute and sweet and perfect. I'll pray for you and him. One thing that I know helps Evan is at that point right before he totally looses it, if I can calmly encourage him to "Use your words" and get him to tell me what is wrong. That often works GREAT. Good luck! And your drink would work too--for YOU, I mean. ;)

Love you,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture collection of Easter-ness, cousins, and sunshine. Thanks for the sharing of it all.

Love you,