Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A calm wish a in a sea of Household chaos

Feeling entirely overwhelmed by the household..
but here i sit anyways..thinking about what i really still would like to do before the decade is out.

knit more..small baby things out of excellent hand dyed or at least organic yarn..to sell and to put money back into my planet somehow.

sew more...also the same idea

feature the first composting toilet on my block..perhaps in all of downtown

make a children's album of original tunes that are silly and hip and use outrageous instruments like perhaps toothbrushes or jello with a spoon..amd have all my favourite musicians play on it

travel with my little clan to the east coast one fine September and campin ou r van..or someone elses.

those are all my wishes for now..

well, ok one more..

I want a chicken. actually maybe two or five..to have my own eggs.
but thats it really.
for today.


Shari Schwarz said...

toothbrushes and spoons with jello! sounds simply grand! Our chicks haven't been laying for sometime. I'm on their last bag of feed and if they don't start very soon, we'll be eating them for supper!!

Mrs.Q said...

I want a goat. To make my own feta cheese. Have you listened to "Ablum" by Duplex? A good model for hip kids' songs.

Sarah from the Kootenays said...

I also want chickens AND goats. And a nice big veggie garden. And some canning equipment. If I get some first, I'll share my eggs :)

Anonymous said...
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