Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hot Rocks and other mysteries uncovered

9:30 am found me crying beside a rail crossing full of train. A sight Finn would have loved, but not me. I was driving up to a "hot rock massage" on the wrong side of the tracks, as it were..it was a gift certificate from friends when Wrenny was born. Six months later I was redeeming it. Babysitter lined up, raining like bilio, car seals leaking and me rounding the corner to a descending red and white rail arm, ding-dinging happily into place. I thought for sure I would miss 15 precious minutes of the already-been-paid-for-massage. I had anticipated this massage for MONTHS.
I said nasty words to the train, which of course, did nothing except make me feel very small and stuck beside many tonnes of rocking steel.

The good news? The Masseuse was a kind hearted woman who always expects delays due to the frequency of the trains. She saw me my full hour. The hot Rocks and massage and even the old movie intrumental muzak pouring out of the cd player all did their magic and 60 minutes later I was a puddle of endorphins. WOW.

if you ever get a chance, I recommend!

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Shari Schwarz said...

I'm so glad for you! I've had two professional massages in my life now and that amazing feeling is enough to keep you going for months in my opinion!

Thanks for the comments on Josh's art. :)